The Future is Zero Waste

Imagine an efficient world with zero waste? At Re>Pal we have developed an innovative, efficient and cost-effective way for businesses to work towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

No one denies that plastic has been an incredible invention for mankind. Without it, industrialisation would have not been possible to the degree we see today. However increasingly, we are now increasingly noticing that our lands, riverways and oceans have been choked by waste plastic. Our insatiable dependence on plastic has led us to a man-made environmental crisis which is currently still growing in size. Our oceans and beaches are increasingly awash with waste plastic, while plastic dumping and landfill is at an all-time high.

We are at crisis point for modern businesses that still want to sell products but increasingly realise that they are also a part of the solution; they need to embrace solutions for all parts of their supply chain.

Today, innovative thinking and technology has enabled supply businesses of all sizes to do something to make this waste crisis into a positive solution for their business and the environment.

Environmentally friendly pallet company Re>Pal is at the forefront of this movement towards a future of zero waste. We have designed an innovative and unique technology which takes salvaged waste plastic and turns it into usable, reusable, recyclable pallets for all types of distribution or warehousing supply chain applications. The technology is called ThermoFusion™ and we believe that it is the future of a sustainable and responsible supply chain for businesses both big and small.

ThermoFusion™ creates a malleable dough out of salvaged mixed waste plastic. The process avoids the costly process of grading and sorting different quality, type or colour of plastic waste materials. ThermoFusion’s innovation requires of it a minimal production footprint and does not require any introduction of virgin plastic into the pallet. Once created, the dough is compressed to create uniform, moulded pallets of excellent strength and durability, being ISO8611 compliant.

Re>Pal’s ThermoFusion™ pallets offer businesses both profitability and sustainability in the form of a carbon neutral, environmentally friendly, well designed and efficient freighting solution.

“Edge Environment’s Life Cycle Analysis shows that Re>Pal is close to waste neutral and significantly better than conventional pallets.

Jonas Bengtsson, Chief Executive Edge Environment.

Protecting our forests

Wood pallets can account for up to a staggering 40 per cent of timber production in some regions and while some pallets come from farmed or more sustainable foresting, it cannot be guaranted that much of the timber used for wood pallet production is not being harvested from natural and
old-growth forest lands. Additionally and importantly, the energy required to harvest and manufacture wooden pallets is substantially more than when using Re>Pal’s energy efficient process. Re>Pal’s ThermoFusion™ pallets are also a commercially and environmentally viable alternative to wooden pallets. And the benefits to businesses are many.

“Due to the wasteful nature and inefficient and high risk alternative of wooden pallets, we offer not only an environmentally-friendly, carbon neutral alternative to wood pallets but we believe that Re>Pal offers a more cost-effective and lower solution to your business supply chain over the lifetime of the pallet”.

Stephen Bowhill, Chief Executive Officer, Re>Pal

Low carbon, low energy and cost efficient, Re>Pal pallets are not only highly durable and incredibly strong — a fact verified by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) — Re>Pal pallets are more robust than wood and will have a 10 times or more lifespan than wood depending on the application. Some wooden pallets will only be able to handle 10 or 20 touch points whereas Re>Pal’s pallets will easily out-perform wood leading to a lower lifetime cost. Pe>Pal pallets are also inherently recyclable, lightweight for export and take up one-third of the shipping space of wooden pallets; while not requiring fumigation.

“Sustainability and environmental values are at the heart of our company here at TPI which is why we were so excited about Re>Pal’s innovative vision for the future of plastic pallets. Re>Pal’s unique recycling process has allowed us to maintain our industry best practice across every facet of our operations and export.”

Nicole Mikschofsky, Operational Excellence Manager, TPI Enterprises Ltd

Imagine a world where we were able to clean up our oceans, reduce our landfill and do something positive with the plastic pollution currently choking our world. At Re>Pal we believe it is possible. We are striving towards a world of zero waste — and by adopting a sustainable pallet solution for your supply chain needs, your business can help us work towards that goal.

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If you would like to learn more about how Re>Pal pallets are a good fit for your business and can sustainability benefit your business, call your local Re>Pal office to speak to one of our sales consultants.

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