PT Aalborg Industrie Indonesia – a new scale supplier

We are delighted to say that Re>Pal has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a trial of waste with a view to signing, if the testing is successful, a long-term purchase agreement with PT Aalborg Industrie Indonesia a Jakarta based company. Pak Tenno Sujarwanto commented “Aalborg is looking forward to working with Re-Pal in developing our plastic waste recycling abilities, some plastic waste we process will become syngas and [...]

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Re>Pal sells 3,000 HD1210 pallets to Mondelez Philippines

Re>Pal Indonesia is entering into a 5-year lease-to-own purchase agreement with Mondelez Philippines with the first purchase orders already received. Another great brand name joins the Re>Pal client roster and shows the way that companies can transition from less sustainable pallets to Re>Pal’s 100% recycled plastic pallets. I’m delighted to welcome this contract with Mondelez Philippines, which is also the first EasyPay rental-style agreement which offers clients an easier entry point [...]

Pallet Pricing Increasing

Demand for the pallets handing industrial ingredients is soaring amid a surge in e-commerce, forcing retailers and manufacturers to expand warehouses or pile inventories higher. At the same time, –especially in the US, two key inputs cheap lumber and labor -- are scarce. The result: Pallet prices have hit record highs, according to a U.S. Labor Department index, and European gauges show big jumps from the U.K. to Germany. The market may stay [...]

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Adding sales bandwidth in Indonesia

As Indonesia pulls itself through the pandemic, I felt that we are at a promising time to add sales capacity into our Indonesia team. We have added 3 new starters from February / March this year. We have Sapto in Bekasi area East Jakarta covering the industrial area of Jabodetabek; Eva covering the South of Jakarta including Bogor; and we have Widya as Sales Operations, developing leads in-house for the team [...]

Remanufacture puts the recycling focus onshore in Australia

The New South Wales Government (NSW) in Australia recently announced a new initiative to help promote the onshore processing of waste. Since China’s Sword programme put the global recycling and waste recovery supply chain literally to the sword, recycling has been in disarray with domestic markets struggling to handle the waste building up in domestic markets. This is where Governments need to step in and foster improved capabilities, as transporting waste [...]

Verra – a new standard to boost recycling

Verra’s “Plastic Program” is a methodology to enable consistent accounting and crediting of a variety of plastic collection and recycling projects. This is a very exciting initiative and I believe should increase the value, and therefore investor focus, on recycling. As we know more than 350 million tonnes of plastic are being used every year, with globally only 10% of this being recycled every year. Given the high recovery rates and [...]

Netway Networks helps Re>Pal keep its IT safe

Cybersecurity can provide an assurance of business continuity. Business IT networks are stretched and more susceptible to threat as we face ongoing uncertainty with the continuing effects of the global coronavirus pandemic and the shift to incorporate remote and virtual business environments. Minimising cybersecurity threats enables a business to focus on creating value for clients. So by taking precautions proactively, while not a 100% guarantee, at least you can state categorically [...]

Marcus Goldstein and Pak Idwansyah join Re>Pal

I’m delighted to let you know that we have significantly strengthened the team in Indonesia with two recent hires. Firstly, Marcus Goldstein will be joining the Re>Pal Indonesia Board as Director, Operations. Marcus has been based in Indonesia since 1994 and has a deep knowledge of the business culture across Indonesia. He was initially employed in Jakarta as Sales and Marketing support for a UK Power Electronics business. He then established [...]

Unilever Indonesia joins forces with Re>Pal

Collaboration with Unilever Indonesia to reduce use of virgin plastic and recycle plastic packaging Recycled pallets will support Unilever Indonesia’s operation around the country Recycled pallets produced from up to 384 tonnes of post-consumed plastics. I’m pleased to announce a collaboration with PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk, (Unilever) and one of its logistic partners, to use RP pallets to support its warehouse operations. The collaboration between Unilever Indonesia and Re>Pal Indonesia focuses [...]

SystemIQ opens TPST in Pasuruan and partners with Re>Pal on plastic waste recycling

Following on from the workshop I attended in February 2020 (, I’m further pleased to report that Project STOP’s initiatives in Indonesia progress at a pace. Project STOP is now commissioning its Integrated Waste Processing Site – Tempat Pemrosesan Sampah Terpadu (TPST) at two locations in Pasuruan. This is only a few km from Re>Pal’s factory in the PIER Industrial Estate. Since its launch in February 2020, Project STOP in Pasuruan is now [...]

Veolia expands operations and use of Re>Pal pallets

Veolia Services Indonesia (PT. VSI) is a part of the Veolia group that specializes in recycling plastics waste into food grade recycled pellets, particularly r-PET. We featured a visit to the Veolia PET recycling factory in October 2018 when the Veolia factory in Pasuruan was starting Currently completing the commissioning stage, Veolia is ready to support customers embracing the circular economy, where consumed plastics will not go to waste but [...]

Season’s Greetings from all at Re>Pal

Our factory will be open through the Christmas period, closing only on 31st December 2020. I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday period. 2020 was a very difficult year for everyone. It can only be hoped that through all we have learned with how to cope with Covid-19 that we can handle it better in 2021. Doubtless the pandemic challenge remains, and we must all remain vigilant [...]

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Stay up to date with all Re>Pal news and events by signing up to our monthly newsletter.