New Aussie Ambassador visits Re>Pal

We had the honor of welcoming the new Australian Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia HE Penny Williams PSM to our East Java factory on Java on Tuesday the 7th of December. Ms Williams and her and team inspected our 100% sustainable recycled plastic pallet production process. RE>PAL is a leader in the field and is one of the largest plastic recyclers in the area. Re>pal is Working Closely with [...]

Shopee starts!!!

Re>Pal is proud to work with leading e-commerce company PT Nusantara Express Kilat (Shopee Indonesia). Shopee has placed three orders for the NP 1210L in 2021 with the scope to order more in 2022. Ms Heni Martanti, a Procurement Specialist, said that “Re>Pal pallets offered a great competitive price and their uniquely sustainable recycled plastic made it easy to choose Re>Pal”.

Pallet Guide: What are the Main Types of Pallets, Uses and Sizes?

Pallets are critical for any logistics company. Depending on your supply chain needs, pallets can be used to suit different needs—and for that reason, there are many different types of pallets out there. But what’s the difference between one type of pallet and another? How do their uses and sizes vary? Is it made of the best materials? Here we explore the common types of pallets, and explain how to find [...]

New Friction Washers doubling capacity

Our new friction washers have arrived and are being tested. A friction washer or friction separator is a high-speed water cleaning machine for mixed plastics with high contamination or persistent dirt. This removes the last of containments before our drying process. We are very excited about the new equipment. It increases the capacity of our final cleaning process by 100%. In affect doubling the output of our wash plant and the [...]

Exciting new coloured pallets

PolyAluminium (Polyal) from TetraPak is separated from the carton cardboard packaging materials and due to its high aluminium content, it is desirable that it can be used, and reused so that the lifetime value of the materials are extended. We have been able to use this material for the past 2 years and have had many satisfied clients. We are pleased to say that we have also expanded the potential applications [...]

New large reseller order in Indonesia

Re>Pal is pleased to announce that we have signed a 27-month contract to deliver 31,000 new design C48 pallets and 6,000 NPL pallets to PT Jordan and Trading in Indonesia our best performing reseller. They will distribute the pallets to their clients who have not used Re>Pal pallets before. We will make a new Re>Pal C48 pallet. Our new insert design process means that we can manufacture a two piece welded [...]

Stephen Bowhill resigns; to remain on Range International Board

Due to the Australian Government’s stance on severely restricting the travel from and to Australia, my role has become increasingly impractical from my current Sydney location. Accordingly, I have resigned. The company announced this to the Australian Stock Exchange on 12 May 2021 and I am currently handing over my activities and relationships to Mr Marcus Goldstein who is taking up the role as President Director, Indonesia. At the end of [...]

Exciting new pallet designs coming – multiple pallets from one mold!

The new HDX range of pallets will be roughly 33% lighter when compared to our HD 1210 with the same racking load capacity. The lower weight will enable production to scale as we can deliver more pallets per hour from the same tonnage of plastic, which will increase utilisation. Importantly the multiple sizes in one mold allows us to cover a wider range of customers and applications whereas we have been [...]

Nestle helping to fund Re>Pal collection

I'm delighted to say that Nestlé Indonesia (Nestle) has agreed to provide Re>Pal pallets with a grant to help us expand our plastic waste collection activities, and improve awareness, of the Company’s recycling capability across Java. I have signed a grant agreement with Nestle which provides funding for 2 trucks, a trommel for waste separation and 4 Press Baling Machines to the total value of approximately $A100,000. Nestle’s support is further evidence that large corporations [...]

Plastic Pallets vs Wood Pallets: Which is Better?

If you’re in the manufacturing and logistics industries, you’ll understand the importance of pallets. They are a crucial part of any supply chain, so it pays to consider what type of pallet is best for all aspects of your business in the long-term. Pallets are made from a range of materials—most often, wood and plastic.  Image source: Shuttershock   While wood and plastic both come with advantages and disadvantages, recycled plastic [...]

PT Aalborg Industrie Indonesia – a new scale supplier

We are delighted to say that Re>Pal has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a trial of waste with a view to signing, if the testing is successful, a long-term purchase agreement with PT Aalborg Industrie Indonesia a Jakarta based company. Pak Tenno Sujarwanto commented “Aalborg is looking forward to working with Re>Pal in developing our plastic waste recycling abilities, some plastic waste we process will become syngas and [...]

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Stay up to date with all Re>Pal news and events by signing up to our monthly newsletter.