Unveiling RePal Pallets- PT Kino Indonesia Tbk Colored Pallet Innovation!

Exciting news! We're thrilled to share the success of our collaboration with Kino Indonesia in transforming plastic packaging into innovative colored pallets! Behind the vibrant hues lies a profound impact: Kino Indonesia's plastic waste repurposed for these sustainable pallets. This not only reduces environmental impact but also showcases the power of collaboration in turning waste into a valuable resource. Kino Indonesia's commitment to extended producer responsibility (ERP) is evident, actively participating [...]

Recycle over 4,250 tons of used beverage cartons and multi-layered plastics to make 50,000 new pallets.

PT Repal Internasional Indonesia (Re>Pal) and PT Frisian FIag Indonesia (FFI)have announced a collaboration to recycle over 4,250 tons of used beverage cartons and multi-layered plastics to make 50,000 new pallets. We hope this sets a benchmark for how large multinationals look at their production processes and partner with companies such as Re>Pal to reduce the ‘plastic problem’. Berend Van Wel, President Director of PT Frisian Flag Indonesia commented, “In line [...]


Re>Pal is proud to announce the launch of the Reverserable Double Deck, Heavy Duty HDX Pallet. This pallet is ideal for warehouse applications where loads require a smooth surface to evenly spread stacking loads to avoid damage to the packaging and packed materials. Our launch customer PT Amerta Indah Otsuka the maker of Pocari is excited to receive our pallets incorporating 30% of the post-consumer plastic materials. Great sustainability and circular [...]

We are on webinar for waste management

Re>Pal had the opportunity to be invited as a presenter for a webinar held by Waste 4 Change Indonesia to discuss the flow of plastic waste management. Mohamad Lutfi as our Operational Manager representing Re>Pal explained our recycling process starting from the final disposal site (TPA) to becoming a Sustainable product Re>Pal pallet. . Waste 4 Change is our largest supplier of materials and has just, announced that it has raised [...]


Re>Pal is proud to launch our EXT ECO pallets. These pallets are made from newly sourced material that allows us to offer our customers cheaper-priced pallets ideally suited for light warehouse applications and export orders. The price point of these pallets for the first time allows us to offer a pallet to compete with injection-molded one-way shipping pallets. This large volume market segment promises great returns to the business.

Nestle Helping

Our Nestle Trucks are on the road to helping our local waste collectors to improve the volume of plastic delivered to our business an expanding their collections efforts in their local communities. This really helps remove waste from the local area as we can expand our reach and offer a value to recycling plastic. Traditionally this plastic would have been burnt or simply thrown away ending up in the rivers and [...]

NEW HDX 1210 R

  We have now successfully delivered our first 2000 pallets of the HDX 1210 R pallet. This pallet replaces our HDL and offers a weight saving of 20% with an increased racking load capacity of 1,200kgs. This is achieved by incorporating hollow steel reinforcing. Additionally, the two-piece pallet is thermally welded which removes the need to use nails. This allows the pallet to sell to a wider customer base where [...]

Re>Pal Start Delivering 31.800 pcs Pallets

We have successfully delivered the first 3000pcs of our 31,800 pc total order to our launch customer. The pallet has been well received and is proving to be a vast improvement in operations over the timber pallet that it replaced. HD1107 (C48) pallet is specifically designed for use with the C48 carton box which is used industry-wide to store tobacco for up to 2 years.  The lightweight pallet outperforms timber [...]

New Aussie Ambassador visits Re>Pal

We had the honor of welcoming the new Australian Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia HE Penny Williams PSM to our East Java factory on Java on Tuesday the 7th of December. Ms Williams and her and team inspected our 100% sustainable recycled plastic pallet production process. RE>PAL is a leader in the field and is one of the largest plastic recyclers in the area. Re>pal is Working Closely with [...]

Shopee starts!!!

Re>Pal is proud to work with leading e-commerce company PT Nusantara Express Kilat (Shopee Indonesia). Shopee has placed three orders for the NP 1210L in 2021 with the scope to order more in 2022. Ms Heni Martanti, a Procurement Specialist, said that “Re>Pal pallets offered a great competitive price and their uniquely sustainable recycled plastic made it easy to choose Re>Pal”.


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Stay up to date with all Re>Pal news and events by signing up to our monthly newsletter.