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Marcus Goldstein

President Director of Indonesian Operations Re>Pal

“We create value for a material that is normally sent to landfill or simply dumped. Re-Pal is driving the change we need to stop plastic entering our oceans, rivers and lands.

Since 2016 we have removed over 20,000 tons of plastic from the environment. With additional investment this year we intend to double this rate of recycling. Re<Pal’s unique ability to recycle a range of plastic materials sets us apart from any other manufacturer of plastic pallets.

This lets us help our partners like Nestle, Unilever and Tetra Pak meet their Extended Producer Responsibilities goals. Whether it’s through direct recycling of their waste into pallets. Or by collecting and recycling their materials for others to use. Re-Pal is making a difference.

We all know what the problems are. It’s time to act.”

Stephen Bowhill

Non-Executive Director – Range International

“We need to build more resilient, sustainable, and renewable economies. Re>Pal Indonesia, a subsidiary of Range International, has recovered approximately 6,000 tonnes of landfill plastic each year in the past few years and can process client plastic waste into an asset, which is today mostly logistic pallets. They are companies that are founded as circular and sustainable businesses.

I hope that as governments and corporations shift their focus to their net zero goals and to the many initiatives needed to underwrite their longer-term commitments to lower emissions, that businesses such as Range International are a part of their thinking.

Businesses that have sustainability at their core are part of the future and not of the past.”

Join Our Team

The circular economy is key to all our futures. We are looking for people who are passionate about improving the environment and building a more sustainable future.

If you are commercially savvy and focused on achieving great outcomes we want you to join our team to ensure Re>Pal is a sustainable business that can continue to do good for many years to come.

Does this sound like you? To find out more contact: team@re-pal.com


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Stay up to date with all Re>Pal news and events by signing up to our monthly newsletter.