Unilever Indonesia joins forces with Re>Pal

Collaboration with Unilever Indonesia to reduce use of virgin plastic and recycle plastic packaging Recycled pallets will support Unilever Indonesia’s operation around the country Recycled pallets produced from up to 384 tonnes of post-consumed plastics. I’m pleased to announce a collaboration with PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk, (Unilever) and one of its logistic partners, to use RP pallets to support its warehouse operations. The collaboration between Unilever Indonesia and Re>Pal Indonesia focuses [...]

SystemIQ opens TPST in Pasuruan and partners with Re>Pal on plastic waste recycling

Following on from the workshop I attended in February 2020 (, I’m further pleased to report that Project STOP’s initiatives in Indonesia progress at a pace. Project STOP is now commissioning its Integrated Waste Processing Site – Tempat Pemrosesan Sampah Terpadu (TPST) at two locations in Pasuruan. This is only a few km from Re>Pal’s factory in the PIER Industrial Estate. Since its launch in February 2020, Project STOP in Pasuruan is now [...]

Veolia expands operations and use of Re>Pal pallets

Veolia Services Indonesia (PT. VSI) is a part of the Veolia group that specializes in recycling plastics waste into food grade recycled pellets, particularly r-PET. We featured a visit to the Veolia PET recycling factory in October 2018 when the Veolia factory in Pasuruan was starting Currently completing the commissioning stage, Veolia is ready to support customers embracing the circular economy, where consumed plastics will not go to waste but [...]

Season’s Greetings from all at Re>Pal

Our factory will be open through the Christmas period, closing only on 31st December 2020. I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday period. 2020 was a very difficult year for everyone. It can only be hoped that through all we have learned with how to cope with Covid-19 that we can handle it better in 2021. Doubtless the pandemic challenge remains, and we must all remain vigilant [...]

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Plug & Play/ AEPW finalists

I’m pleased to say that Re>Pal has made it through to the final stages of the Plug & Play Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW) initiative and I’m delighted to be leading Re>Pal’s presentations on 24th November 2020. These are of course via Zoom with a “Remo” exhibition for meeting and greeting potential partners in a virtual conference hall. This initiative from Plug & Play and AEPW may result in new [...]

DynaPack improving their waste recovery rate with Re>Pal

I am pleased that Dynapack Asia is once again re-using its waste by processing them into Re>Pal pallets. Dynapack uses the DSP1210-2W pallet which is an intermediate racking logistics pallet; with a longer life in the warehouse. Being able to transform waste into a useable asset, is part of Dynapack’s strategic direction to reduce carbon footprint in its manufacturing process. All responsible companies such as, Dynapack have goals in place to [...]

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Dexion integrated Re>Pal pallets for Nestle

Dexion was awarded the project to design, manufacture, deliver and install the storage solution for the new Nestle Bacolod Mega Distribution Centre in the Philippines. It was a highly complex and detailed project that required high level structural engineering capabilities for racking to withstand earthquakes at a Zone 4 area.  Dexion provided the Selective Pallet Racking for 30,700 Pallet Positions with seismic protection and Shuttle Racking with Dexion Auto Shuttles to [...]

Innovation in the factory

One of our clients trialling Re>Pal pallets is a large bottling company in Indonesia, and they need a flat deck pallet for export and therefore can’t use the heavier HD or HDL range of flat-deck warehouse pallets. Our NP pallet range, typically used for exports, has nesting holes which allows many pallets to be shipped in a container to a client, reducing either shipping or back-hauling costs. This ‘nesting’ though does [...]

Use of TetraPak materials expanding in pallet range

In line with our strategy of diversifying our waste sources to reduce the cost of materials and also recycle the harder-to-recycle plastics due to our unique Thermofusion™ process, I am pleased to say that following the successful trial of 100% mixed TetraPak PolyAl material, we have also now used the PolyAl in lower percentages, mixed with the our normal mixed waste HDPE and the new material mix makes an excellent pallet. [...]

Nestle Philippines expands with Re>Pal

I’m pleased to follow on from the recent good news of Coca-Cola Beverages in the Philippines trialling our pallets, for their potential use in 2021, with the news that Nestle Philippines (Nestle) has continued the roll-out of the Re>Pal pallet to its Cagayan de Oro factory. Nestle has now chosen the Re>Pal pallet at this factory where it will use the same pallet as the Cabuyao factory, the Heavy Duty warehouse [...]

Improved processes & improving quality

I’m pleased to say that the quality of output continues to improve as we see Quality Control improvements across the value chain take effect. Recent improvements in both wash plant and extrusion have seen quality improve. The finish of pallets shown in this picture is just as one example of how the 100% recycled Re>Pal plastic pallet continues to improve.

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Alaska Milk Philippines, starts with Re>Pal

I am thrilled that Alaska Milk in the Philippines is the latest new client using Re>Pal’s 100% recycled plastic pallet. They are using the HD1210 pallet to help their sustainability footprint and drive to sustainable packaging. Alaska is part of FrieslandCampina, and in 2015 the parent company signed up to 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2, 8, 12, 13, 15 and 17). Alaska Milk’s move to Re>Pal fits well [...]

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