Pallet portfolio amendments

Our progress on developing different pallets is somewhat slower than hoped for due to having only one large bed Computer Numerical Control (CNC) cutting machine. We have a requirement from one of our larger prospects for the HD1210 pallet where they require anti-slip devices for both the top and bottom of this pallet. We have decided to add these as an enhancement optional extra (and can fill these in easily using a jig for [...]

Erwin Pelani joins sales team in Indonesia

Following Bu Indri Suhandi joining the Re>Pal sales team, I am pleased to say that Pak Erwin Pelani has also joined as business development manager for West Jakarta/ Tangerang area. He has has a successful sales and business trackrecord at companies in Jakarta including PT Paul Buana Indonesia, Hasco Singapore PTE Ltd, PT Anest Iwata Indonesia, PT ITI Marine Oilfield Utama and PT MAN Diesel & Turbo Indonesia He has a [...]

WWTP – BioSystems Group engaged to improve WWTP output

We have engaged BioSystems Group of Bali, Indonesia in a trial to to start work on the Waste Water Treatment Plant. We are looking at the entire process within the washing and treatment process to improve the water quality within the production process and improving the water recovery time, efficiencies and improve volumes that we can treat. We treat a wide range of mixed plastics from a variety of sources and it is [...]

NSP1210 H pallet live next month

I’m pleased to say the NSP1210 H will be ready in April. This pallet complements the successful NSP1210 pallet. The NSP1210 H extends racking to 1,000kg from the NSP1210’s 700kg. Several logistics companies have asked for this style of pallet, as the NSP is already a popular pallet due to its racking capability and easy stacking. The nesting-stacking allows companies to save significant warehousing space due to the nestable capability, while [...]


COVID-19 has had some serious effects in Indonesia, though we note the country’s determination to carry on with life as far as possible. Our thoughts are with anyone affected. Our aim through this period is to help our clients and prospects as much as possible to continue with business as usual. Our manufacturing facilities, and the Pasuruan bonded customs zone, remain unaffected at the present time. As of the time of [...]

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Tetra Pak Material successfully trialled!

I am pleased to say that we have recently successfully trialled Tetra Pak material into Re>Pal pallets. This material has been known as being relatively energy intensive to produce, so the fact that we can recycle it, will increase the material’s longevity and therefore spread this energy intensity over the material’s life. We will be able to then re-recycle the material into Re>Pal pallets ad infinitum with other materials or new [...]

UNDP & Kingdom of Denmark focus on Indonesia

I was pleased to be a part of the circular economy event in Jakarta this month where UNDP & Kingdom of Denmark focus on Indonesia signed an agreement for funding an analysis of the circular economy opportunities in Indonesia. In conjunction with companies such as SystemIQ, AlphaBeta and with the Bappenas agency coordinating between ministries I am sure this will be able to add impetus to the recycling and reuse of [...]

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Re>Pal recognised with Global Initiatives Award in Jakarta

I am pleased to say that the past 12 months of hard work by the team at Re>Pal Indonesia has been rewarded with Re>Pal being recognised as “best SME” at the Sustainable Business Awards Indonesia. It was an honour to receive the award from Minister Suharso Monoarfa. These were organised by Global Initiatives, and were judged by PWC, and held in conjunction with Indonesia Council for Sustainable Development (IBCSD). It’s a [...]

Collaboration and Commercialisation

Thanks to the Innovation Network for the invite to represent Re>Pal at a recent gathering in Singapore,in partnership with the NGO Ocean Conservancy, a group of innovative waste and plastic leaders came together to brainstorm solutions for how we can improve recovery rates and provide benefits to the informal collection sector who can be disadvantaged in the process of recovering waste plastics. It was a day of learning and sharing, and [...]

Veolia Services – Recycling in Pasuruan

I was delighted this month when I was at our factory in Pasuruan, to journey all of 2km down the road and get a sneak peek at the new Veolia Services Indonesia recycling facility. Veolia is building a massive PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, bottle-to-bottle recycling and reprocessing factory. Xavier Jean, General Manager and Operations Manager Pak Januar Pribadi gave us an overview of the site. Even if PET is already one [...] – Making a difference

I was pleased to visit the TPS3R KSM Sekar Tanjung in Sanur Kauh, Bali on my way back to Australia just before Christmas. This is a sorting centre, Government owned, which is being supported by is an independent non-profit founded by the global consulting firm McKinsey and Company and is working closely with large multi-national companies to stabilise the demand for recyclables in conjunction with providing advice on waste [...]

Waste initiatives gather pace across Indonesia

I was pleased to be asked to speak at the Digital Waste Solutions and Inaplas’ conference in November, held in Jakarta as well as participate at Circular Economy Foundation seminar session sponsored by Dow Chemical also in Jakarta. Closer to the factory the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and MVO Netherlands organized a seminar on various initiatives that their Government is leading in conjunction with the Indonesian Authorities to [...]

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Stay up to date with all Re>Pal news and events by signing up to our monthly newsletter.