Veolia Services – Recycling in Pasuruan

I was delighted this month when I was at our factory in Pasuruan, to journey all of 2km down the road and get a sneak peek at the new Veolia Services Indonesia recycling facility. Veolia is building a massive PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, bottle-to-bottle recycling and reprocessing factory. Xavier Jean, General Manager and Operations Manager Pak Januar Pribadi gave us an overview of the site. Even if PET is already one [...] – Making a difference

I was pleased to visit the TPS3R KSM Sekar Tanjung in Sanur Kauh, Bali on my way back to Australia just before Christmas. This is a sorting centre, Government owned, which is being supported by is an independent non-profit founded by the global consulting firm McKinsey and Company and is working closely with large multi-national companies to stabilise the demand for recyclables in conjunction with providing advice on waste [...]

Waste initiatives gather pace across Indonesia

I was pleased to be asked to speak at the Digital Waste Solutions and Inaplas’ conference in November, held in Jakarta as well as participate at Circular Economy Foundation seminar session sponsored by Dow Chemical also in Jakarta. Closer to the factory the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and MVO Netherlands organized a seminar on various initiatives that their Government is leading in conjunction with the Indonesian Authorities to [...]

Nestle Indonesia selects Re>Pal

Nestle Indonesia, the major global food and drinks producer has selected Re>Pal’s HD1210L for its Kejayan and Karawang factories. This is as a part of its drive towards its 2025 goal of using only sustainable packaging in its supply chain. As part of this, Nestle transitions in a phased basis from unsustainable timber pallets to Re>Pal™’s 100% ‘zero waste’ plastic its warehouses. Steve Najoan, Head of Logistics of Nestle Indonesia commented [...]

Share the Re>Pal story

I commend you to share our short video. Being in this role for just over 12 months there is far more interest and excitement in the circular economy than there was when I started. Unfortunately, though there is now far more ‘every-day’ talk about climate change and we see the effects of climate change are also hitting our screens on a more regular basis. Whether there are once-in-a-century floods in Venice happening three [...]

Meeting the PM!

It was with great pleasure that I accepted an invite to attend a BBQ at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta while I was there this month. The Aussies certainly know how to throw a BBQ! It was a great event and to network with many exporters of Australian produce and to also discover many success stories of Australian businesses operating within Indonesia. There is a strong relationship between Indonesia and Australia, [...]

National Geographic features Re>Pal Indonesia

We were delighted to be featured in a National Geographic article on plastic waste discussing the issue specifically regarding Bali.  As you would know, Re>Pal used to have a plant in Bali, this was a successful test plant and following the decision to relocate the factory to Pasuruan in 2016, Bali was closed. Given our connections there and that we do also use waste from Bali, we were featured in this [...]

New 1300×1100 pallet in development

Next month we will be starting a new pallet mold. This is a 1300x1100 sized pallet and is one of the standard sizes for pallets (generally transporting bags). We are looking at the chemical industry for this pallet which generally demands a larger size pallet for transport of their bags. This industry and the food industry too also use square pallets for transport of drums. We are looking to capture a [...]

Danone and Re>Pal in partnership

At our Open Day I am pleased to say that Bu Vera Galuh Sugijanto of Danone-AQUA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with us, so that Re>Pal can convert the Danone-AQUA OPP plastic label waste into pallets. Under the MOU, Danone-AQUA will be supplying its AQUA label from Danone’s bottle separation facility also in Pasuruan. Where Re>Pal supplies pallets to Danone, these pallets will carry up to a maximum of 25% [...]

Reclaim Recycle Reinvent – Factory Open Day

Instead of Reduce Recycle Reuse, we have repurposed this famous “3R” phrase to represent how Re>Pal adds value and it was with great pleasure that we hosted our open day at the Pasuruan factory for interested partners, clients and also prospective clients. It was great to see the excitement from everyone attending as they saw the reprocessing of the mixed waste stream from raw and dirty plastic into clean, shredded, pelletised [...]

Waste in the news (again)

There doesn’t seem to be a day go by when waste is not in the news. It was encouraging to hear the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison look to set aside A$100m from the Australian Federal Government to #kickstartrecycling infrastructure in Australia and to also support the States in doing so. Hopefully this will lift the amount of plastic waste recycled from the current 12% level in Australia today. Australian originated [...]

Re>Pal Factory Open Day

I’m delighted to say that we are opening the doors of the factory on September 12 to those interested to see how we Reclaim, Recycle and Reinvent waste plastics. We won’t have rides or amusements, just a team dedicated to processing plastic and saving it from landfill. We will show you the various processes from washing, drying, pelletising, extruding and making the Re>Pal 100% ‘zero waste’ plastic pallets; as well as [...]

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Stay up to date with all Re>Pal news and events by signing up to our monthly newsletter.