How do the Re>Pal pallets perform in cold store situations?

In January 2019, we hired a cold storage reefer (container) for 1 month and conducted our own internal ISO 8611 (pallet standard) tests. We did a series of tests on lifting, stacking and racking of our HD1210 (heavy duty warehouse pallet) and the NSP1210 (medium duty warehouse pallet). We performed these tests at the commonly used temperature sets of -25 Deg C, -5 Deg C and 0 Deg C. The pallets performed [...]

Trialling New Methods of washing plastic at Re>Pal’s wash-plant in Pasuruan

We are in the final stages of testing new methods of washing dirty plastic using our own wash plant. This opens a diversity of sources that offer dirty plastics, instead of using more expensive sources of clean and dry plastic; given we have all of the equipment needed to sort, wash and dry plastic in the Pasuruan plant. While all of these opportunities will take time to develop, we are opening [...]

International Flavors and Fragrancers (IFF) Philippines commitment to sustainability is clear through their long-term support to Re>Pal

International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) in the Philippines have reordered with Re>Pal for their export shipments; IFF’s strong commitment to sustainability is clear in their commitment to Re>Pal. Pictured with Stephen Bowhill (CEO, Re>Pal) is Mr Nomer Batac - Safety and Compliance Manager Mr Christian Dimapindan - Logistics Manager and Mr Danny Cuya - Finance Controller and Re>Pal’s head of sales in the Philippines Ms Leah Magdamit. Mr Christian from IFF [...]

Congratulations Nestle Philippines for their 2019 Lifetime Sustainability Award!

Congratulations to Nestle Philippines in their Cabuyao factory for receiving the Re>Pal Lifetime Sustainability Award. Through their purchases of the HD1210 pallet at Cabuyao they will; avoid creating 69,410kg of CO2; avoid using 2,446,711 MJ in additional energy that would have been needed to create timber pallets instead of using Re>Pal plastic pallets; saved 94,203kg of waste by doing so; avoided spending an estimated additional US$59,631 and didn’t chop down nearly [...]

Christine Tuti, our new Health, Safety and Environment Manager joins the Re>Pal team

I’m pleased to announce that Christine Tuti joined us to manage Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) which is something Re>Pal takes extremely seriously. Christine has worked for almost 22 years in the OSH field and in the past few years including the fields of human resources. Her educational background is a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and Master of Engineering Management industry at ITS Surabaya. I welcome Christine to Re>Pal. She is [...]

The Take>Bak Scheme – Live across Asia

We are currently in an early stage of expanding the Take>Bak scheme. We offer customers the peace of mind that we can collect a container load at the End of Life (EOL) pallets. We will arrange collection and credit with a payment for the plastic (which we reuse) against their next pallet purchases. I hope that this incentivises prospects to use Re>Pal in more volume, with the comfort that we can [...]

I’m delighted to announce that we have 2 additions to the Re>Pal team

Yanie is our Senior Financial Controller. A qualified member of CPA Australia, she attained her accounting degree from Indonesian University and then MBA degree from Australian University undertook under Australian Government’s scholarship. Yanie is key to our team bridging the gap between Sydney head office and the Indonesian operations team. She has recently recruited Rahmat Wicaksono into the Finance team in  Surabaya. Rahmat attained his accounting degree from Universitas Negeri Malang [...]

Innovative recycling methods and ways of capturing plastic

It is nearly impossible to live without plastic today. According to a recent study*, since 1907 when plastic was first created, 8.3 billion metric tonnesof non-recycled virgin plastic have been produced. This has generated a staggering 6.3 billion metric tonnes of waste globally; 79 per cent of which has been (or will be) put into landfill. Only 9 per cent of this is being recycled. Finding innovative and environmentally-friendly ways of [...]

Our Ocean Conference 2018

Simon Baldwin of Second Muse with Jordana Merran of The Ocean Conservancy and I before the start of the Workshop organised by Simon where Susan Ruffo and Simon spoke about solutions to waste plastic issues. I was pleased to present Re>Pal as one of the solutions. At the main conference the following day, the highlight was the presentation by Rob Kaplan of Circulate Capital leading their workshop explaining the value destruction when we [...]

Global Screening of ‘Closing the Loop’

On 29th November in Singapore, The Circular Economy Club (CEC) hosted a global event to screen the first circular economy documentary film. Our CEO, Stephen Bowhill appeared as a guest on the panel for this screening of ‘Closing the Loop’. This fantastic film reminds us how just how important our business is to achieving a world where we have zero waste. Please explain why your business is circular and how you started [...]

The best alternative plastic recycling industry is to overcome waste

Source: ANTARA News "In one day hundreds of tons of plastic waste are processed into other processed products, as well as more controlled from the content of harmful substances in plastic before recycling." Nusa Dua, Bali, (ANTARA News) - To overcome the environmental constraints of plastic waste, the development of the recycling industry is the best alternative solution to reduce the problem, said recycling entrepreneur Stephen Bowhill. "Plastic can be [...]

The Future is Zero Waste

Imagine an efficient world with zero waste? At Re>Pal we have developed an innovative, efficient and cost-effective way for businesses to work towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. No one denies that plastic has been an incredible invention for mankind. Without it, industrialisation would have not been possible to the degree we see today. However increasingly, we are now increasingly noticing that our lands, riverways and oceans have been choked [...]

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Stay up to date with all Re>Pal news and events by signing up to our monthly newsletter.