Global Environment Facility (GEF) filmed the Re>Pal factory to be part their video “Our Global Commons – The Circular Economy: Tackling Marine Plastic”

WATCH THE VIDEO The tragedy of the commons is a well known economics problem, which has now morphed into a social impact metaphor. Hence, it’s connection to the video title. How can you have a shared asset that every user treats exactly the same? The ocean is our shared asset and plastic, in the popular press at least, is now the enemy. While collection mechanisms and education need to improve globally, [...]

How Re>Pal can help boost the Indonesian 4.0 story for added value processing

Pak Ahmed Sigit of Department of Trade and Industrieswas kind enough to hear the Re>Pal story and how we do help boost the Indonesia 4.0 storyfor added value processing within the country. The expression ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ is very apt as we view plastic waste not as trash but as our raw material. It is important for us to be able to have flexibility of sourcing. As [...]

Discussing the ‘waste issue’ with Jakarta Government Bodies

During my meetings this month I was fortunate to meet with Pak Oswar Muadzin Mungkasa, Deputy Governor for Planning and Environment of Jakartawith Pak Djafar Muchlisin from Jakarta’s head of environment services, we were discussing how Re>Pal can collaborate with the Government to be able to help re-use plastic waste. I continue to have meetings with various leaders in different agencies to build bridges towards a more sustainable future and being [...]

Thai Union Group placed their initial order of the HD1210 pallet to trial in their Thailand factory

Thai Union Group, one of the world’s largest seafood processors with a global workforce of 47,000 people, has today placed an initial order with Re>Pal™, to start trialling the HD1210 pallet in its Thailand factory. The sustainable nature of the Re>Pal pallets fits well with Thai Union’s SeaChange™ programme. I’m pictured with Mr Yimin Wu, Head of Supply Chain and Dr Darian McBain, Global Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at [...]

New Appointment to the Re>Pal Team – Abdul Rachman

Abdul Rachman (pictured) has joined as HR Manager, based in the Pasuruan factory.  This is an important area for Re>Pal, that ensures compliance for our staff obligations locally, drives performance and also optimises the staff balance for efficiency and experience. Rachman started with Re>Pal in April 2019, has a degree in law from Airlangga University and has previously held roles at PT Classic Prima Carpet Industries Surabaya and PT Ramagloria Textile [...]

Re>Pal: helping companies reach the 2020 zero-deforestation deadline

This is a powerful call to action for companies to set the right example and drive positive change in the world we want to see. I’m pleased Re>Pal is part of the solution for supply chains to embrace sustainability. To be able to drive change I think companies need to take action to close the gap on what sustainability means to their business, closing the gaps between strategy and execution; between [...]

LF Logistics identifies using Re>Pal will help them achieve their sustainability goals

LF Logistics (LF) in Indonesia becomes the latest Multi-National Customer (MNC) to start using Re>Pal’s “Uniquely Sustainable” zero-waste plastic pallet. As a part of its sustainability initiatives LF Logistics has started using the HD1210L. Simon Oxley, Executive Director Indonesia, LF Logistics, is pictured with me this month at their offices in Jakarta. LF is looking at all areas where they can make a positive difference to the environment and the Re>Pal [...]

How do the Re>Pal pallets perform in cold store situations?

In January 2019, we hired a cold storage reefer (container) for 1 month and conducted our own internal ISO 8611 (pallet standard) tests. We did a series of tests on lifting, stacking and racking of our HD1210 (heavy duty warehouse pallet) and the NSP1210 (medium duty warehouse pallet). We performed these tests at the commonly used temperature sets of -25 Deg C, -5 Deg C and 0 Deg C. The pallets performed [...]

Trialling New Methods of washing plastic at Re>Pal’s wash-plant in Pasuruan

We are in the final stages of testing new methods of washing dirty plastic using our own wash plant. This opens a diversity of sources that offer dirty plastics, instead of using more expensive sources of clean and dry plastic; given we have all of the equipment needed to sort, wash and dry plastic in the Pasuruan plant. While all of these opportunities will take time to develop, we are opening [...]

International Flavors and Fragrancers (IFF) Philippines commitment to sustainability is clear through their long-term support to Re>Pal

International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) in the Philippines have reordered with Re>Pal for their export shipments; IFF’s strong commitment to sustainability is clear in their commitment to Re>Pal. Pictured with Stephen Bowhill (CEO, Re>Pal) is Mr Nomer Batac - Safety and Compliance Manager Mr Christian Dimapindan - Logistics Manager and Mr Danny Cuya - Finance Controller and Re>Pal’s head of sales in the Philippines Ms Leah Magdamit. Mr Christian from IFF [...]

Congratulations Nestle Philippines for their 2019 Lifetime Sustainability Award!

Congratulations to Nestle Philippines in their Cabuyao factory for receiving the Re>Pal Lifetime Sustainability Award. Through their purchases of the HD1210 pallet at Cabuyao they will; avoid creating 69,410kg of CO2; avoid using 2,446,711 MJ in additional energy that would have been needed to create timber pallets instead of using Re>Pal plastic pallets; saved 94,203kg of waste by doing so; avoided spending an estimated additional US$59,631 and didn’t chop down nearly [...]

Christine Tuti, our new Health, Safety and Environment Manager joins the Re>Pal team

I’m pleased to announce that Christine Tuti joined us to manage Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) which is something Re>Pal takes extremely seriously. Christine has worked for almost 22 years in the OSH field and in the past few years including the fields of human resources. Her educational background is a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and Master of Engineering Management industry at ITS Surabaya. I welcome Christine to Re>Pal. She is [...]

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Stay up to date with all Re>Pal news and events by signing up to our monthly newsletter.