Our Thermo-Fusion Technology

Thursday 10th March 2016

Re-Pal uses its trade secret Thermofusion technology to make pallets from 100% recycled mixed waste plastic. Thermofusion technology has revolutionised traditional plastics recycling by alleviating costly sorting and cleaning processes, effectively ‘upcycling’ low grade plastic in to a product of superior quality and usability.

Range International has developed the proprietary ThermoFusion™ technology that enables the production of pallets from 100% recycled mixed waste plastic. After salvaging the mixed waste plastic we create a malleable dough using our unique ThermoFusion™ technology. This avoids the expensive process of grading and sorting the waste material.

Using compression molding, the dough is then pressed into molds to produce pallets. The result are pallets that have outstanding strength, durability and are uniform in dimension and weight. Our space-saving nestable design is very economical to distribute both locally and internationally, requiring only one third of the space required by wooden pallets. The pallets do not absorb moisture, are resistant to fungi and infestation, and can easily be fitted with RFID devices.

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