Creating Shared Value

Tuesday April 12th 2016

Not only do Re-Pal pallets offer environmental advantages to their users but can offer real economic advantages, too. Furthermore, there are great reputational, risk reduction and operational advantages of using products of superior environmental performance and adopting sustainable business strategies within an organisation. At Re-Pal, we believe in the concept of Creating Shared Value.

The central premise of Creating Shared Value is that the competitiveness of an organisation and the health of communities around it are not mutually exclusive. An organisation that works to have both a positive social impact and to pursue economic growth can secure a level of competitive advantage that will further enhance their business.

In recent years, there has been much evidence to support the theory that organisations with deep links between their business strategy and corporate social responsibility will go on to be more successful. Most large corporations are building a social value proposition in to their corporate strategy. At Re-Pal, we believe that climate change is one of the greatest threats humanity has ever encountered. We believe that reducing landfill, deforestation and helping companies reduce their greenhouse gas emissions are key to combatting the challenges of climate change.

While doing this, our pallets bring significant economic and functional advantages that could enhance economic growth and operational efficiency within an organisation. We have created a sustainable solution that can offer both economic and environmental benefits. Re-Pal partners with organisations around the world to Create Shared Value.

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