ThermoFusion™ and how it can transform the future  

Offering businesses a sustainable and cost efficient way to work towards a future of zero waste, ThermoFusion™ is the innovative technology redefining how we deal with waste plastic.

Since the invention of plastic, industry has been able to push forward as it never would have been able to without it, but it is a sad fact that our river-ways, oceans and landfill are being choked by waste plastic. To put this global crisis into perspective, it is estimated that there are 289,000 tonnes of plastic particles floating in the world’s oceans, and a further 1.5 trillion tonnes on our beaches.

At Re>Pal we are striving towards a world of zero waste — and we believe that our innovative and patent ed method of ThermoFusion™ technology will help remove waste plastic that would otherwise end up either in landfill or littering the environment, and turn it into a usable and valuable element of supply chains, both big and small, around the world.

About ThermoFusion™.

ThermoFusion™ is Re>Pal’s advanced process of turning salvaged, hard to recycle plastic waste into a malleable dough that is then able to be compression moulded into Re>Pal’s uniquely sustainable pallets. The ThermoFusion™ technology allows Re>Pal pallets to be created without the costly process of grading and sorting the waste material, and importantly without the production of virgin plastic. The Re>Pal pallet boasts both durability and strength, whilst still having a very low carbon, low energy and nearly zero waste profile. Re>Pal pallets are therefore a sustainable and cost efficient way to deal with the global waste plastic problems we now face.

Why choose ThermoFusion™

Re>Pal’s ISO standard pallets offer businesses a sustainable, waste neutral and cost efficient solution to their logistics and supply chains. Through our 26,000sqm factory in East Java, Re>Pal is able to supply large volumes of pallets at a cost effective price. Our ThermoFusion™ pallets are certified for shipping most types of cargo, and are suitable for being in the same area as packaged food.

A viable alternative to virgin plastic and wood pallets, Re>Pal ThermoFusion™ pallets are almost completely waste free due to their ability to offset their waste throughout their life cycle. From cradletograve, Re>Pal’s closed loop means unwanted or old pallets can be repurposed as feedstock for new Re>Pal waste plastic pallets.

“Due to the wasteful nature and inefficient and high risk alternative of wooden pallets, we offer not only an environmentally friendly, carbon neutral alternative to wood pallets but also a more cost effective and lower risk solution to your business supply chain over the lifetime of the pallet.”

Stephen Bowhill, Chief Executive Officer, Re>Pal

Offering supply chains of all sizes a sustainable and cost efficient solution to lowering their carbon footprint, Re>Pal pallets help ease our global crisis with waste plastic, and help businesses work towards a future of zero waste with no compromise on the quality of their supply chain.

“Edge Environment’s Life Cycle Analysis shows that Re>Pal is close to waste neutral and significantly better than conventional pallets.”

Jonas Bengtsson, Chief Executive Edge Environment.

ThermoFusion™ plastic pallets vs wood pallets

ThermoFusion™ plastic pallets have many benefits when compared to wood pallets. Wooden pallets require fumigation or heat treatment to cross international borders, may attract customs inspections which can mean additional cost, delays and risks to your business. Wood pallets also degrade far faster than plastic pallets, pose health and spoiling risks to your cargo due to splinters, nails, insects, fungi and bacteria. In contrast, Re>Pal ThermoFusion™ pallets do not absorb moisture, are resistant to fungi and infestation and are easily cleaned and inspected. Re>Pal’s pallet design standards are also future proofed to enable our pallets to be easily fitted with RFID devices should you require.

Re>Pal pallets are more robust than wood and will have a lifespan many more times than that of wood depending on the application. Some wooden pallets will only be able to handle 10 or 20 touch points whereas Re>Pal’s pallets will easily outperform wood leading to a lower lifetime cost. Plastic pallets also greatly reduce your risk of dock inspection and waiting times for inspection that could risk your cargo.

From a sustainability viewpoint, when compared to wood pallets, recycled mixed waste plastic pallets offer a near zero waste, low carbon, completely recyclable alternative. Pallet use in some areas is impacting non sustainably harvested forests, and can account for up to a staggering 40 per cent of timber production in some regions. Recycled mixed waste plastic pallets provide peace of mind from there being no associated risk of illegal logging and deforestation, and are also completely recyclable; meaning, when pallets eventually need replacing they can be repurposed in a closed loop as a feedstock for Re>Pal’s ThermoFusion™ process.

“Compared with one-way/simple wooden pallets, Re>Pal is a class above in terms of waste (as well as energy, greenhouse gas emissions and obviously trees consumed).”

Jonas Bengtsson, Chief Executive Edge Environment.

Certified for success; why ThermoFusion™ plastic?

Re>Pal mixed waste pallets boast outstanding strength and durability, which has been verified by the Inter national Organisation for Standardization (ISO) and certified to ISO8611. There are a variety of applications, from heavy duty warehouse pallets, which are built to carry heavy loading and work in racking, to light weight export ready pallets. Re>Pal also offers a variety of design benefits, including the ability to nest pal lets inside each other, taking up one third of the shipping space of wooden pallets.

Get in touch

If you would like to learn more about how Re>Pal pallets are a good fit for your business and can sustainability benefit your business, call your local Re>Pal office to speak to one of our sales consultants.

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