The Dutch Environment Minister visits Re>Pal’s International’s Bali Factory

Friday 2nd December  2016

Re>Pal was delighted to welcome Ms. Sharon Djiksma the Dutch Minister of the Environment, and her delegation to Re-Pal’s ThermoFusion factory in Bali on November 24 2016.

The Netherlands are actively engaged with the Indonesian Government in improving the country’s plastic and other waste management practices.The delegation were extremely impressed with the ThermoFusion technology, and very engaged in discussions around the widespread applicability of the technology

Re-Pal’s selling of plastic pallets at the same price as wood pallets, thereby eliminating the need for wooden or virgin plastic resources, was commented as being highly complementary of the delegations focus on developing a Circular Economy, reducing waste to landfill and global deforestation.

Range International Limited under its Re>Pal brand, is a low cost, high volume pallet manufacturer of affordable, durable and sustainable pallets using 100% recycled plastic, competing directly with wooden pallets on price.

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