How do the Re>Pal pallets perform in cold store situations?

In January 2019, we hired a cold storage reefer (container) for 1 month and conducted our own internal ISO 8611 (pallet standard) tests. We did a series of tests on lifting, stacking and racking of our HD1210 (heavy duty warehouse pallet) and the NSP1210 (medium duty warehouse pallet). We performed these tests at the commonly used temperature sets of -25 Deg C, -5 Deg C and 0 Deg C. The pallets performed well at all of these set points and we believe can therefore be used across a wide variety of supply chains.

I am very pleased to tell you that the Re>Pal™ plastic performed well and both pallets passed all of the ISO equivalent tests. The Indonesia cold chain industry is expected to grow at a five-year CAGR of over 10% to 2021, and that cold chain is important in Indonesia, with the growth driven by increasing demand for perishable items including frozen food, pharmaceutical, meat, seafood and dairy products. Of course our pallets are not used for direct contact with raw materials, mainly packaged goods, but this test is an important one for us to have passed, combined with the rapid expansion of existing warehouses for logistics as a whole I am delighted that our pallets are able to be used across the whole supply chain from room temperature to chilled / frozen areas.

Photo: AGUS PRIAMBODO loading into the reefer 1

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