Continued Partner Expansion, TPI Enterprises Australia

Friday 2nd December  2016

TPI one of Australia’s significant seed exporters and Re>Pal continue to expand their business partnership. Following the completion of trials, and the successful delivery of repeat orders, TPI shared their feedback on the performance of Re>Pal’s products;

“We are delighted to be able to use Re-Pal’s 100% recycled mixed waste plastic pallets for our export distribution. Re-Pal’s Nestable pallets have proven to be highly cost effective, robust and functional and meets with all TPI’s export needs.

Sustainability and environmental values are at the heart of our company here at TPI which is why we were so excited about Re-Pal’s innovative vision for the future of plastic pallets. Re-Pal’s unique recycling process has allowed us to maintain our industry best practice across every facet of our operations and export.”

We look forward to growing a strong business partnership together and contributing to a sustainable future for all” Nicole Mikschofsky, TPI Operations Excellence Manager.

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