Congratulations Nestle Philippines for their 2019 Lifetime Sustainability Award!

Congratulations to Nestle Philippines in their Cabuyao factory for receiving the Re>Pal Lifetime Sustainability Award. Through their purchases of the HD1210 pallet at Cabuyao they will; avoid creating 69,410kg of CO2; avoid using 2,446,711 MJ in additional energy that would have been needed to create timber pallets instead of using Re>Pal plastic pallets; saved 94,203kg of waste by doing so; avoided spending an estimated additional US$59,631 and didn’t chop down nearly 19 fully grown hardwood trees by choosing Re>Pal.

This fits with their commitment to making their supply chain 100% recyclable by 2025 and we are delighted to be part of that journey with Nestle Philippines and hopefully other of their locations across the region too in the future.

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